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We are your outsourced sales + marketing firm focused on creating long lasting customers + increased market share for our clients!

We believe in self-improvement through the advancement of others while exemplifying the values of character, respect and integrity.

Alysian Team is an outsourced sales and marketing company partnering with one of largest telecommunications companies in the world. We assist them in brand management and new customer acquisitions.

We make the biggest impact for our clients by generating them 100% return on investment and giving their customers an unmatched experience.

Customer Acquisition

We help the business thrive and grow by acquiring new customers. New clients are the life-lines of the business.

Customer Retention

We build great relationships with our clients and our customers to make sure we create “win-win-win” relationships.

Face-to-Face Interaction

We give our clients 100% ROI where our clients don’t pay until we provide results. We do this because we are confident in our skills in addressing concerns and questions customers have in person.

Team Development

We are a rapidly growing enterprise. We focus on personal and professional growth.


As we continue to grow our clients brand and revenue we look to expand into new markets.

To expand for our clients, we must focus on the development of our team and passing on our core values, which is to have the worlds’ best character, highest quality, and integrity.

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